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  1.  Timing Matters

Schedule alterations well in advance to allow ample time for the meticulous process. Plan for several months from the first fitting to the final one.


2. Finding the Right Expert


Whether with us or a trusted external seamstress, choose an experienced professional with expertise in wedding dresses and formal wear for flawless alterations.


3. Bring Shoes and Undergarments

Attend fittings with your wedding shoes and undergarments to ensure an accurate fit. The right bra and heel height can significantly impact the dress’s look.


4. Bespoke Alterations

Elevate your gown with unique alterations – add sleeves, transform zippers into corset backs, incorporate buttons, or choose a distinctive bustle style for a one-of-a-kind dress.


5. Budget for Alterations

Account for alteration costs in your budget, considering that intricate changes can incur additional expenses. Be prepared to invest in perfecting your dream dress.


6. Bring a Supportive Companion

While alterations may not be glamorous, having a trusted companion can provide valuable opinions and support. Ensure the maid-of-honor attends the final fitting to master bustling techniques.


7. Custom-Made Veils

Explore the option of a custom-made veil for a personalized touch, incorporating sentimental details or achieving the ideal length.


8. Inquire About Preservation

Ask about dress preservation services to protect your gown post-wedding, ensuring it remains pristine for years to come.


9. Trust the Process

Recognize that experienced seamstresses have effective methods. Trust the process, understanding that various elements may be addressed in stages for optimal results.


10. Speak Up Early

If concerns arise during fittings, communicate promptly. Waiting too long may limit alterations options. Your input is valuable, and addressing issues early ensures a seamless process.


As you navigate the alterations process, savor the journey. Your wedding dress is a masterpiece, tailored to perfection for your special day.


Trust Hanan’s Bridal to make every alteration a step closer to your aisle moment.

“Love in lace, dreams in fabric – a wedding dress magic..”


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